B.E.A.T.s Performing!
Location: Everywhere at Tufts… and then some.


4/20 Shows:

The BEATs 4/20 show of 2015

The BEATs 4/20 show of 2014:

The BEATs 4/20 show of 2013:

The BEATs 4/20 show of 2012:

BEATs 4/20 show of 2011:

BEATs 4/20 show of 2010:

BEATs 4/20 show of 2008:

Winter Rhythm Symposiums:

The BEATs Rhythm Symposium of 2015

The first ever BEATs Rhythm Symposium of 2011:

Other Videos:
“So that’s beats”:

Oh my! it’s a behind the scenes look at BEATs on “Jumbo Shorts”:

What’s this? Halftime for the Tufts Men’s Basketball Team?

BEATs at the Boston Student Area Network (BSAN) Showcase:

Yeah, we out here on the street 2006:

Bangin’ some Bottles!

Drum line? Psh… BUCKET Line:


Bockers and Rush D:

Ever dream of bathing in a pool of your favorite breakfast cereal with your friends?

Audio recordings:

Sfspatulum von Deli:

Balloon Time :