Beatriz “tɒɔ-toh” Lichauco

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One day, deep in Alaska’s Backcountry Rainforest, an eagle at the height of his baldness flew over the land and somewhat carefully laid an old shopping bag down on the ground. The animals of the rainforest were scurrying over to see what was inside the bag when out crawled two toddlers. The toddlers wore nothing but knee socks. The boy had “tic” written across his chest in acrylic paint, and the girl was similarly labeled “tac toh” except some of the letters were facing the wrong way but that’s ok. The animals raised the children as their own, except they weren’t very good at raising children, so tic died. To cope with the loss of her companion, tac toh took his knee socks, wrapped them around two sticks, and proceeded to lay down some spicy soul-stirring musical fusion.The fusion was so good that it was just so good. Tic’s passing was a real wake up call for the creatures about their incapacity to parent though, so they sent tac toh away to a faraway land that lies on the border between Somerville, MA and Medford, MA. There, tac toh joined a nice little group called beats that lets her create fusion with them.