Ben “Peter” Kochman

ben While lost in the wilderness after his blimp was punctured by a peregrine falcon, Peter used tree bark, sap and cicada shells to create the first prototype of the grilled cheese sandwich. Once he finally reached civilization, after 2.3 years of fending off wild huskies in the Siberian penninsula, he brought his creation to the Russians. They tried to use it for rocket fuel, but he managed to steal back his formula and escape their clutches.

Once in the promised land of America, he used his fortunes to build a grand mansion of cheese cubes in the Hollywood Hills where he isolated himself for a while from humanity. His adventures in the Siberian outback, however, gave him a particular affliction of sap build-up in his capillaries, so he had to re-enter the metropolis to seek medication.

After an overdose on his sap cap meds, he was visited by the spirit mukanda, and in this fantastical vision he was enlightened with rhythm. Possessed by his new revelation, he wandered the hills of Los Angelos until he found a band of gypsies and joined their ranks, wandering the lands in his never ending quest to beat.

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