Gus “Lou Wow” Meyer

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In 2004, young Louis Wow took it upon himself to find and perform in Maui’s (Mow Wee’s) best luau. He danced the hula at the fancy resort, bonded with locals over the pig-on-a-stick at the beach, and joined in on the ukulele with Israel Kamakawiwo’ole at the Kalama Heights Retirement Facility. But Lou felt hopeless and out of control. He couldn’t find the best luau!

After smashing his ukulele and ripping his grass skirt to shreds, Lou Wow decided to leave the Maui (Mow Wee) forever. On his last night at home, Lou packed his bags, kissed Mr. and Mrs. Wow goodbye, and walked towards the beach. He saw a bonfire and people dancing in the distance. “I just can’t be around another luau,” thought Lou Wow. But as he got nearer, he began to hear the beat of a base drum. Lou sped up, dancing to the rhythm. As he approached the luau, he came across three Hawaiians. “Please drum with us,” they said. So, on that fateful night, Lou Wow, sat down and started to drum. Each rhythm he laid down was so hot and so spicy and so fire that the luau could be heard all across Maui (Mow Wee).

After 12 years of drumming with the Hawaiins in Maui (Mow Wee), Lou Wow decided to take his talents elsewhere. “Aloha, family,” Louis told the three drummers. “I will come back to you soon.” And, just like that, Lou packed his bags, got on the first Hawaiian Airlines flight to Boston, and joined Tufts BEATs. You may see him (or hear him) doing a lot of beats really fast (it sounds good). And perhaps one day, he may even take out his old grass skirt and give us all a much-needed hula demonstration…