Steve “Steve-O” Leichman

Propelled by the motto, “You Can’t be Rejected if You Create the Damn
Thing,” Leichman co-founded B.E.A.T.s. after successful rejections
from The ‘Bubs and from Cheap Sox.

Originally from Long Island, Stephen “Steve-o” Leichman arrived at
Tufts University in August of 2002 and left with some sort of English
degree in May of 2006.

As of this writing (February 2, 2010), Steve can be found in Chicago
where he has been unsuccesfully rejected from both The Second City
Conservatory and The Second City Musical Conservatory.

Steve could not be prouder of the fact that if he auditioned for
B.E.A.T.s. today, he probably wouldn’t cut the cake.

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