Jenny “Sap” Allison


One brisk morning, in the wilderness of Northern Canada, a young girl was found near the fallen trunk of a sugar maple tree. Discovered by a wandering pack of wolves, they lovingly named her Blood, and adopted her to be one of their own, after filling out all of the proper paperwork, of course. During her early teenage years she felt as though she was under too much pressure to join the family business of sunglasses frame manufacturing, so she ran away. Wandering for days alone with nothing but a half eaten moose she stole from her uncle, the young Blood traveled until she found a very tiny village, known as Quebec. There, she learned the art of harvesting the worlds finest maple syrup.

As her talent for making this syrup became recognized on a national level, she was recruited by Hungry Jack and was offered a full time job with a six figure salary and company car. She took the job, but soon quit when she realized they were only using her to try to create synthetic syrup, against the firm morals her wolf parents raised her with. So, with nothing to her name but a can a dip, she took to the road, traveling to the small maritime settlement of Boston. After spilling 342 chests of tea into the harbor with a group of rebels, the young Blood (who was now under a lot of heat from the police) moved to the quaint community of Medford. It was there she enrolled in Tufts University, and discovered the group known as B.E.A.T.s. Promising to forgo the ways of her past, they accepted her, and bestowed upon her the new identity, Sap.