Nicholas “JungRay” Turiano


In the beginning, there was nothing. Then there was Jungray. Then plants and animals and ice cream. In the tumultuous mid 90’s, Jungray became. Found in the permafrost of New Jersey, Jungray was discovered by an up and coming, ambitious, power hungry, archaeologist and his dog Steven. This man, Dr. Professor Alabaster Archibald MacDougal IV M.D., raised Jungray as his own, teaching him to bang on things and introducing him to the deepest, darkest, most disturbing corners of this foul planet. During one of these precarious journeys, Jungray was lost in the distant African nation of Mukanda. Lost in the shrubbery, Raymond was lost and alone with only a pig-jug to light his path and a cassette tape of Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” and a walkman. He did not see another human being from when he was lost at age 10, until he was 18 years old. No one knows for sure what this young Raymond did during these years, but we can only speculate that he practiced and became well versed in the arts of hunting, dance, and drum. Jungray’s “Lost Years” were cut short when he wandered onto the campus of Tufts University wearing nothing but a aardvark-skin loincloth and a cool hat that he found. Crawling through the basement of the building Aidekman, Jungray stumbled upon the group occasionally known to some as BEATs, but communication was very limited due to his inability to express himself outside of drumming, dancing, and primal shouting that sounded similar to the song “It Wasn’t Me”, but came out in more of a barbershop quartet style. Despite his primal nature, the group known as BEATs took him in and raised him as one of their own. Today, many hope to see Jungray, if they are lucky, banging on his flex-sealed bucket and pig jug around the greater Medford-Somerville area. Though much of his origin is a mystery, he has developed into a civically responsible Mukandan, and has a bright future ahead of him in the group called BEATs.