Lucy “Seal Balls” McKeon

lucy While rumor has it that Ms. Balls’ name is entirely random, sources with intimate knowledge of her past tell a different story. Her parents, Un and Prawn, were both circus clowns, and brought their daughter along with them on their trips around the country in the Mukanda Circus. They didn’t name her at first, thinking that an appropriate name would come along in time. One day they found their young, nameless child crying because she was too small and not strong enough to do anything in the circus show. Her parents looked around for something that she could do, and discovered that she was perfect for playing catch with the circus seals, as their large beach balls were nice and light. It wasn’t long before others in the circus began calling her Seal Balls, and the name stuck.

Seal Balls’ history with B.E.A.T.S is a bit more complicated. While playing with the seals she became enthralled with the noises that the balls made when they bounced off the seals’ noses back to her. Before one performance she secretly taught the seals how to make a drum beat while bouncing the balls, and proceeded to steal the show with her act. It soon became a regular part of the show, and entrenched a desire within Seal Balls to bring rhythm to the people. When the time came to leave the circus and head off to college, however, she was unsure where to go. After learning that one school in particular had as its mascot Jumbo, the famous pachyderm owned by circus great Phineas Taylor Barnum, she found her choice easy, and packed her bags for Tufts University. Seal Balls quickly found her calling on the hill after seeing a B.E.A.T.S performance, and easily made it into the group after bringing the seals and her act along with her to tryouts. While the seals had to return to the circus, Seal Balls stayed on, bringin’ tha heat and droppin’ them beats.

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