Alexander “Biskit” Schroeder

When a freak f4 tornado spiraled through Connecticut, survivors were surprised to find an unknown child in the midst of the rubble, dropped down from the tornado itself. The only objects the child had were two sticks that he clicked together in a rhythm. The local baker of the town took the child in, dubbing him “Biskit”. However, feeling that the unexpected appearance of the child from the tornado was a bad omen, the villagers banished Biskit. He wandered from place to place, surviving by laying down beats so entrancing that even the wild animals would do his bidding. Eventually, Biskit got tired of eating squirrels and rabbits, and decided it was time to return to civilization. He harnessed a herd of wild horses and rode north to Massachusetts, simultaneously inventing the game polo as he perfected his drumming by hitting any object within reach with his sticks. When Biskit and his herd stormed into Tufts, he was welcomed into his rightful place in beats, which also very much appreciated the protein.