Mary “Madame Saus” Cross

Our story begins in the far-off kingdom of Mukanda, with Lord Saus, provider of all sauces, condiments, and the like for the Mukandan people. One fateful evening, he mixed together every sauce known to man in an attempt to create the ultimate sauce, and much to his surprise, an infant popped out of the mixture (and became the inspiration for the hit television show “The Powerpuff Girls”). This child, known simply as Madame Saus due to the inability of mere mortals to pronounce her true name, quickly established herself as Mukanda’s finest percussionist. The abundance of Sriracha Rooster Sauce in her veins provides her with the ability to drop the most flaming, spine tickling, Chinese-food enhancing beats of all time.
After years of serving Mukanda by using her fiery beats to direct traffic, differentiate complex equations, and reanimate the dead, Madame Saus was granted permission to travel and visit the American people as an ambassador. She came across the frigid tundra known to us as Minnesota, and she decided out of the goodness of her heart to supply her inflammatory rhythms to warm these kind Nordic folk. After serving the kindly Minnesotan people by warming their homes and sending the Minnesota Vikings to the 2009 NFC Championship game, Madame Saus traveled to Tufts University. Upon her discovery of B.E.A.T.s, she immediately joined the ranks of Tufts’ elite bucket percussionists. By delivering soul-pounding beats throughout her Tufts career, she hopes to strengthen her skill of percussion-craft to one day bring peace, prosperity, and marshmallows to her native Mukandan people.