Nicola “Scarlos” Chang

ScarlosBack home in the toothpick capital of Hong Kong it is said that the pre-natal Scarlos would kick complex polyrhythms whilst in her mother’s womb. Her hyper-rhythmic sensibilities were ignored for the first 14 years of her life, during which she tirelessly studied the ancient family craft of toothpick carving. Scarlos was an adventurer, and so at the age of 14.6 years, she fashioned a canoe and paddle entirely out of hand-crafted toothpicks and mango skin.

After braving the pacific ocean in her vessel, she landed in a small fur trading encampment in northwestern Canada. They welcomed in the seasoned sea-farer and immediately put her to work. She skillfully trapped beavers for 7 months until one night, deep in the woods, the spirit of Mukanda came to her in the form of a possessed beaver. It slapped its tail on the ground and communicated with Scarlos in morse code, and after which, dropped a hot solo. This revelation led Scarlos to cross the continent (south-easterly) spreading the word of Mukanda to every forest creature. Upon reaching the United States border, Scarlos memorized the entire english language and all of american history by pulling a single all-nighter. After crossing the border, Scarlos travelled on moose-back all the way to the nations bucket capital: Medford, Massachusetts.

For a while she dabbled in medical science during which time she happened upon the cure for chronic nose bleeds. Before she was able to patent her cure a gang of evil pharmacists broke into her studio apartment to steal the formula. They tried to destroy the young medical prodigy because she was a witness, but Scarlos was too quick and escaped via her bedroom window. She ran through the streets to seek refuge from the pharmacists until she happened upon a brick building named “Aidekman”. Once in the basement she hid inside a small closet full of trash cans and drum sticks. The next day she was found by B.E.A.T.s and instantly knew that she had found her true calling.