Aaron “Fishsticks” Leibowitz

After failing to make a career of impersonating Dr. Evil, the young fish wandered the streets of las vegas desperately searching for a way to make a living. He tried to join a gang of fingerfood seafood eaters but was ousted for smiling too much and was left on the edge of the desert with naught but an empty water jug and two fish sticks. Fortuntely, he was able to harness the spirit of the desert itself and transform them into sticks of the drumming variety with which he summoned a band of desert coyotes that led him to the eastern coast of our great American plains. The great wolf mother had never had a child go to college before, and she wanted to see the boy she had grown to love as her own succeed the ever-mysterious and ambiguously-useful field of liberal arts. He felt out of place in the brick fortress that would be his new home, and wandered lost through packs of frisbee throwing pharisees until he stumbled upon a group of bucket players that bid him join their ranks and dubbed him his rightful title. h0m3 @t lAst.