Rob “RushD” Resnick

rob Straight from the bowels of dirty jerz, RushD came to Tufts with a resolution to beat. And beat he did.

To B.E.A.T.S he always contributes a sick flow or a fly rhyme, always accompanied by a groan of pleasure.

Legend has it, his favorite sandwich condiment is really a salad dressing. But no one can affirm this mysterious rumor that has been circling ever since that fateful day he impressed B.E.A.T.S with his drumming, but above all, story-telling.

No one’s sure exactly where RushD learned and developed his skills, but some say he trained with Justin Timberlake after the N SYNC break-up and just before his solo career. It’s been said that JT left him with a vile of his own sweat for good luck, to be applied behind the ears and under the pits twice daily.

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