beats Welcome to, official website for Tufts’ only student percussion group, B.E.A.T.s! We do our best to lead normal lives, living in the shadows and under the radar. Yet when needed, our team of elite percussionists assembles, sticks in hand, buckets in lap, to form the infamous group known by drummers around the world, B.E.A.T.s. From trash cans to street signs, traffic cones to pots and pans, or even the occasional ladder, no ordinary object is safe. Put your fancy drumset away, because we will drop rhythms so hot that your zyldjian cymbals will melt like ice cream you left out of the freezer. Dancers beware, if you come with in earshot of even the smallest bucket, you will find yourself unable to resist convulsing to our percussive pandemonium. And lest we forget you, children in schools across the greater Boston area. Once we are on stage, no matter whether the lunch was chicken nuggets or sloppy joes, you will find yourself running in circles screaming your head off because you think we are rock stars. We have traveled from the hills of mukanda, a dangerous journey, to boggle your mind with a symphony of synchronized sticking. There is nothing we won’t bang. We are B.E.A.T.s! (now take a look around)